Which one are you?

Good Morning in the last day in October, fellas! 🙂 hope you always 'on fire' while doing anything. Today I just realized that sometimes some people cannot handle everything by their self. Sometimes need a person to share with. Need a partner to help, need a friends to making a quality times with a fuckin [...]


Rahim Bumi

((Tulisan ini ikut meramaikan event #30DaysSaveEarth )) Selamat pagi, anda. Terkadang saya suka berpikir hal yang aneh tentang hal yang jarang dipikirkan orang lain. Salah satu contohnya, tentang tanah. Jika seluruh daratan di bumi sudah tertutup oleh aspal, tanah-tanah bisa disebut 'punah' . Entahlah. Terlihat sepele, tapi dampaknya sangat menyeramkan. Memang, tanah tampak jelek dan [...]

Pekerjaan Mulia

Gimme a chances to writing in Bahasa Indonesia, tonight. For those people who doesn't understand, you can using Google translate to knows the meaning that I post after this. Well, selamat malam. Pernah lihat (maaf) pemulung? Saya, sering. Mereka adalah orang yang berpakaian sangat sederhana, tapi (lagi-lagi maaf) lusuh, berdebu, kotor. Membawa satu besi panjang [...]

Wasteful in Electricity

Hello fellas! 🙂 My smartphones and I were almost never be separated. Wherever I go I always with it. Probably I was too addicted with my smartphones. Obviously, because I'm doing a half of my activities there, such as working, writing, communicate with most of people, search for information, watching, listening to musics, reading, studying, [...]