Assalamualaikum Tangerang!

At Zahra Izzatul Islam's wedding. She is my bestfriend since junior high school. Her husband, Ahmad Falah was graduated from STEI SEBI university . I was so excited and love all the food that i ate kinda sate padang, siomay, bakso, puding, dendeng, eskrim, etc. Scarf : Pashmina Jogja Place : Lippo, karawaci, Tangerang


How did i look?

Hi, how have you been? Nowadays I just interesting to be an inspiring person not only in 'writing' but also on my style. Stlye here means, when somebody send us wedding invitation and we just a lil bit in mad conditions just because we don't know what should we use to go there. Actually I'm [...]

Organ donations

Organ donation: Knowing that my wife's death saved five lives helps with the pain of losing her -Mirror Online. โ€œMy biggest regret is that Denise never knew sheโ€™d produced this beautiful daughter before she died. But all I can do now is remember that in her death she gave life to others and to bring [...]

Two Hours

I just wondering this morning. Trying to remember what happened with me yesterday. I remember that you made me got a bit heart attack because of your words yesterday in the evening. I cannot believe that you said our relationship must be ending. So I try not to cry but I cannot, and I let [...]