What if…

Little convo with mom and I in the morning…


Mom, many people starting to hate me. Maybe because I’m annoying.

Nope. It’s because you are busy enjoying your life and focusing on your future.


They think you do not care about them.

I care about them, I always thinking of them in my prayer. But they starting to hate me because I’m not there for them when they need me.

Then keep praying for them.

I feel lonely. They gonna leave and talking behind me. Am i pathetic, Mom?

At least, you still have me.

What if you leave, I have nobody.

At least, you still have yourself, your true identity, the purpose of your life, and God in your heart, you can not lose it. Don’t worry, as long as you have that.


Published by: unidzalika

saya menulis karena saya merasa bahwa ada banyak hal yang tidak dapat di ungkapkan melaui kata-kata, tapi sebuah tulian mampu menjabarkannya. Maka, saya menuliskannya di sini.


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