Sepnding my time (2)

I love holidays in this year. I got holiday from my college since The end of July until the end of September. Yet, i spending my times with different people and different place. I met so many new people that i haven't knew them before. I kept myself busy with every activities such met several [...]


Spending My Time

A few weeks ago i spent my holiday in Jakarta and Bogor. My biggest family from my father lives in Padang but in this year we gathered in Jakarta. One of my cousin came from Padang and she was cooked Tomyam and thats the first time for me to ate that. Felt so delcious for [...]

Klub Kutu Buku

Beranggotakan delapan orang : 1. Uni dzalika @unidzalika 2. Puspita awalina @pitatune 3. Winda uthami t @uthamiwinda 4. Thalia Tsalsa @Thaliatsalsa 5. Eka puspa dewi @ekapusp 6. Syifa husnul r @cipawpewpow 7. Ayu kartika @aykartika_ 8. Vee azura @vee_azura Kami semua berdomsili di Bogor dan dipertemukan karena mmiliki hobi yang sama, yaitu membaca dan membedah [...]