Sepnding my time (2)

I love holidays in this year. I got holiday from my college since The end of July until the end of September. Yet, i spending my times with different people and different place. I met so many new people that i haven’t knew them before. I kept myself busy with every activities such met several communities and having quality times with.

Everyday i spent my holiday, i felt so amazing when i heard some of them shared their stories. I got so much inspiration and i promised to myself that i wants to be a better person. Everyone that i met up so precious for me. All of them changed my mind in positive side.

Besides, i felf sad and lil bit disappointed to myself cause i cant controlled which nutrition should enter into my body. I forgot to ate rice, so lazy to breakfast, dont have any interest to touch the lunch, also dinner. I’M SUCH A HERO THAT DIDN’T ATE ANYTHING . Lol.

Also in this holiday, i spending my time with reunions and met my friends when we was in senior high school. We laughed and played games altogether and taking a pictures in the end. We came into our bestfriends wedding in Tangerang and i love them so much.

Several days ago i went to curug naga bogor wif all my friends in some communities and we learned everything there.

Today still holiday and i still preparing for another holiday’s schedule . I hope i can make a quality time for me, and people also. So, how about your holidays?

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