Spending My Time

A few weeks ago i spent my holiday in Jakarta and Bogor. My biggest family from my father lives in Padang but in this year we gathered in Jakarta. One of my cousin came from Padang and she was cooked Tomyam and thats the first time for me to ate that. Felt so delcious for me.

In another days i went to Bogor that my biggest family from my mother lives there. While all the parents ate in a terrace, 12 of my cousins and i were watched the conjuring altogether in a cinema. Then we slept at my cousin’s home altogether at night because most of us scared after we watched. However, we still cant slept so we played games ABC LIMA DASAR until early morning.

In the next day i went to Ciseeng with my uncle’s family. I really satisfied spent my holiday until i forgot about all the score in college.
Another days, i spent my times with several friends and communities, make some events that gave a benefit to others. Besides, i also spent my hloliday to writing and post at my blog on http://chairanidzalika.blogspot.com and i felt so happy because writing in some fictional was my passion. I hope in another holidays i can more making a quality time for a whole life.

thanks for visit my site 🙂


Published by: unidzalika

saya menulis karena saya merasa bahwa ada banyak hal yang tidak dapat di ungkapkan melaui kata-kata, tapi sebuah tulian mampu menjabarkannya. Maka, saya menuliskannya di sini.

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