Two Hours

I just wondering this morning. Trying to remember what happened with me yesterday.
I remember that you made me got a bit heart attack because of your words yesterday in the evening. I cannot believe that you said our relationship must be ending. So I try not to cry but I cannot, and I let my tears poured down until my eyes tired and I went to slept. I hope I can wake up and forget our problems today. But, the worst thing I’d ever feel, when I wake up this morning, I feel like lullaby and I cant stop thinking about our moments, damn! .
I’m looking for my cellphone and I pressed several digits. Immediately phoned someone who is always by my side for me lately.
“Hello, my story and he ended already,” I said after his voice on the other side there say hello.
“Where  are you, let us meet right now,” he asked.
“For what? I’m still at home. Probably couple of hours I am going to the City Park,” said I.
“See you there. I want there beside you when you’re sad,”
Beep. The phone is off, I’m speechless. I found out a shoulder to cry on and yes, he is. He is not my boyfriend but always accompanied everytime I need.
I never understand why all this happened. I always knew that you and he were friends who mutually hostile, never got along and always have differences in every opinion. But every time I have a problem with you, to be honest, he was always there for me.
He’s even willing to give his shoulder when my tears were rolled down in my eyes while you’re always asked me to not to cried when I with you.


Im happy to spending half a day with Daniel in a City Park after a few hours we met behavior.
“Do not worry, all will be fine. there will be experience for him for having made ​​you cry. He is, there will be no more in your life and he’s gone away,”
Daniel trying to cheer me up. I just smiled briefly. At least I’m a little more relieved to be able to share my story with him. He hugged me, let my chin leaning on his shoulder that always be a place to cryin’.
There is a strange smell on his clothes, but I do not really care. I was comfortable for this time being with.
“Thank you, it makes me more calm,”
I said softly, whispering into his ear.


Two hours ago.

The smell of blood in everywhere. Daneil never thought he could did it all but he was already doing. He promptly dumped the bodies into the river bank, which is now lifeless body again.
He short of breath. He must arrived in the City Park to meet the most beautiful woman he loved over the years. immediately he straightened his clothed, and walked as if nothing ever happened.

Ps: my first time writin a short story in English. Sorry of so many mistakes that i made.

Posted by uni Dzalika


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