Wasteful in Electricity

Hello fellas! 🙂

My smartphones and I were almost never be separated. Wherever I go I always with it. Probably I was too addicted with my smartphones. Obviously, because I’m doing a half of my activities there, such as working, writing, communicate with most of people, search for information, watching, listening to musics, reading, studying, doing assignments, etc. , so I never leave it. My smartphone is small, amounting only a palms but I feel very very very satisfied because I can find out whatever I’m looking for.

Together wif my smartphone nearly 24 hours is not easy for me. In addition I need more pulse, my eyes got sickness, sometimes i was sick of, also I was wasteful to used of the battery. I do not use POWERBANK. While the battery out, I always charges.

I know this is the BIG mistakes that i’ve ever had, when my battery full, I always forgot to unplug charger of the switch. Besides lazy, it facilitates me if I needed that again, lol. In fact, i realized that’s so wasteful in electricity.

I dont know what is the main components of the charger is. But i know that in charge of changing there was a rectifier and regulator part, it usually requires a battery voltage, and when not unplugged, in addition to the electric current continues to flow, it can cause a fire, plus can adversely affect to the earth.

I love our earth and since yesterday I started to tryin to not be wasteful in used of electricity. All facilities in my room like a computer, tv, smartphone, radio, fan, electric lights, had I unplug the cord from the switch when not in use.
Hopefully with this little action will help to save the Earth from destruction.

let’s save our earth! Happy #30DaysSaveEarth ! And sincerely, Uni.

thanks for visit my site 🙂


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