Could You? :)


I walked away tonight and i saw plenty of trash scattered on the road. And especially that’s the most disgusting thing for me.
But I was not able to do anything other than complain. Indeed, our country is still limited about the provision of bins. But this is not what I want to discuss, too disgusting to discuss the garbage.

Talking about the environment, I have’nt been able to love the whole earth. Sometimes I still wasteful and spoiled. I live round the dependence on the earth but I could not repay them. Now I am starting to learn to love the earth. Such as, by pressing the use of plastic when shopping.

Plastic, as long as I knew, very difficult in recycling. There was only able to accelerate the biodegradation of plastic destruction of
approximately five years (please correct me if I wrong). I was scared.
What will become of our earth a few years later? I fear inherited midden, pollution, waste, etc to my grandsons. So, although I did a simply action, hopefully can help to reduce damage to the earth.

How about you? Could you follow in my footsteps to reduce the use of plastic? πŸ™‚

thanks for visit my site πŸ™‚


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