Which one are you?

Good Morning in the last day in October, fellas! 🙂 hope you always ‘on fire’ while doing anything.

Today I just realized that sometimes some people cannot handle everything by their self. Sometimes need a person to share with. Need a partner to help, need a friends to making a quality times with a fuckin gossips, need someone to holding in…

But for me, especially for species like me, I dont like telling to anyone about my problems. I prefer to keep those problem untill I depressed cause thinks too much. In sadness conditions? Perhaps not.
I’m happy. I live in a good environment and I have a good friends around me. Also my family always open minded, and I have everything that I need, I can get everything that I want (as long as I want to reach it) , I have so much novels, poetry, short stories to read, I have this blog as my diary. I never felt sad or lonely, and thats one of my reasoms why I didn’t tell to anyone if (sometimes) I have a problem. I dont want to any people feel so depressed when I talked about mine. I’m happy. All of us happy. And this life will be end in happy ending too, I wish.

But, as you know, none of us happy all the times. Even though a person who always smile and never sad in front of us, believe, they have their own problem. Then i curious to every person which called ‘extrovert’ , are they alway sharing about their problem to their friends? Are they get any solutions? Idk. Yet for me, I choose to be silent. Besides, I afraid with blabbermouth’s person like this :

A : tell me something that you feel uncomfortable nowadays. Trust me i wont tel to anyone.
Me : are u serious? Will keep my prob? I need someone to share and gimme solutions. I bla bla bla bla …
*after sharing* *in next days*
A : (tell to anyone) did you kno, she was bla bla bla and bla bla bla. Then she bla bla bla…..

Oh gosh it wont be happen for me! No!

Once more, I said especially for species like me as a Introvert, keeping our problem more comfort . But yeah, no matter who you are, you have to be polite as a human and always promise to keep their problems, plus remember that someone’s problem isnt for public attention.

That’s that.

How about you? Which one that your personality? Introvert or Extrovert? Why? Tell me at @unidzalika .

thanks for visit my site 🙂


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