NOTIF! – No Limit For Creativity

Hallo fellas, assalamualaikum :))

Well, to the point, I wanna ask something to you ;

Which one do you like, “love what you do” or “do what you love” ? If you ask myself, I prefer choose the second. And nowadays I did that! I’m joining in some job that I love. Don’t assume that I will be rich, NO. This work doesn’t provide a money to me, but it gives a lot of experience. I work as a reporter (with same system such work in other magazines) in NOTIF! (No Limit For Creativity) — the First Blogger Community Electronic Magazine in the World — owned by @warung_blogger . Web:


(Example pages in NOTIF!)

The magazine is still published in the second edition, and (indeed) I realize this magazine still imperfect. But I hope NOTIF! will be better in every (next) edition.

However, all of you can be participate as contributors in NOTIF! . Please send your interest by email to or mention us
using your twitter account at @BloggerMagzID. We’d love to hear from you, soon.

The happiest thing for me is, when you are willing to download NOTIF! e-magazine and enjoy my writing (and friends) over there.

Well, take a look here: You have one Notif! magz to download all for free;)

P.s : you can checked any further information about NOTIF! at :

1. Mahadews:
2. Yandhi:
3. Elang:
4. Rin:
5. Nurri:
6. Jung:
7. Cindra :


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