Be Responsible


Using social media nowadays so nesessary in a whole life. Social media was very popular and many people used for their own self. We can find out social media such twitter, facebook, flickr, YM!, instagram, printerest, aboutme, path, chatting application, and many more. Because everyone knew that using social media can give advantages like making a good communication, finding a new relations, making a good communities, tell to the world about own activities, looking for some competition, and get a job, etc. But a person who has a social media must be a wise to used and should has a responsibilities for every steps that they did in social media.

Mostly people used social media for giving an opinion of something or someone. And sometimes, they lost controlled to post anything that forbidden to consume in public. Meanwhile, even a person has deleted in their social media, it can’t help much for them. Because everything that we post on a cyber, we cannot erased at all. So, we have to be careful to handle our social media. Don’t posting anything that make us looks foolish.

For me, when I decide to had a social media, I have to be responsible to mine. Like on twitter ( @unidzalika ) , I just updated everything about blog, writing, some jokes, several poems, and mentioned to another people. Twitter for me to connecting wif a new person who can give a benefits for me. I never updated for judging or underestimate in a bad side. Never posting anything ‘worst’ in my real life than spamming on Twitter for it. Ih, weird! I really controlled what I write before I post that.

How about you? Which way that you used for using a social media? Definitely you feel free to giving an expression in social media but remember, be responsibility of it!

Good morning from Indonesia. 🙂


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