Screamed out!


My mom birthday today! Aaaaaaaaaaaak >< *scream loudly* yet, I screamed for any reasons.

First, I can't sleep again. I already scheduled my daily activity but oh, my 'bad habits' come in on! I'm not insomnia, I just hard to slept. How to solve this conditions? I need to close my eyes, but I can't 😥

Second, today is my mom's day. She has prepared what should we do, goin to some place and windows shopping and lunch altogether. But I got sms that I have to come to college cause some of my class changed to friday and we r gonna quiz and I hate this class. I hate the lessons cause make my brains dizzy when I tried to studied bout that. Puh!

Then, I didn't know what would I give to my mom as a birthday's gift. Last year I bought batik for her and felt like she didn't want batik again for her gift. Hmm..

Well, before thinks for a gift, let us say : HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUNDO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and WISH YOU GET YOUR OWN HAPPINESS ALL THE TIMES. Allah loves you, mom. Xoxo.

Now, Perhaps I should turning off my phone now. My head gettin weird in this early morning. I was so lazy to come to college today. I just wanna accompanied my mom all day. I wish the lecture send a text and tell us that she wouldn't come to the class. Lol.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *(again) screaming virtual*


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