Writing Project of #30DaysSaveEarth

Hello !

Welcome new day, let’s stringing new moment in In October! In this month, let us making moments together on writing ! πŸ™‚

We were inspired from sturdy artificial event of #PeopleAroundUs by kokoh Alex @AMrazing , and also inspired artificial event of #Julingeblog by teteh Nita @Nitasellya . Definitely this was inspired, not plagiarism.
Hopefully everyone can address this event with a positive activity.

Well, now, we also wants to hold an event to write . Yes , project on writing for 30 days in October. These writing project we named the #30DaysSaveEarth which means writing about the environment. Why the environment? Why not about love? The reason was very simple really, because love is too mainstream discussion and we strive to build a sense of environmental stewardship.

Our environment, the earth more precisely, has been kind enough to give residence, giving natural resources , and so on. However, we as a human being, what have we done to keep and care them? Anyway, Wikipedia said if technological innovation, advances civilization, the human population, as well as the industrial revolution has brought in the era of human exploitation of natural resources so inventory continues to decrease significantly, especially in the past century. So pity our earth πŸ˜₯

Meanwhile, to increase our awareness of the environment, so lets both of us write about our actions in caring environment. So , within the next thirty days we did an action and write that down, so that other friends who read and imitate what you do. As example, waste bins in place, do not use plastic when shopping , do not wear that tisue
wipe tears *LOL*, do not smoke, do not cut down forests carelessly, not wasteful use of water, etc.

How? Did you Agree ? If yes, this the requirements :

– Activities #30DaysSaveEarth took place during the month of October.
– Participants have a platform to write whatever it is, such blogspot, blog.com, wordpress, blogdetik, tumblr, path, note fb, etc.
– Participants are free citizens anywhere, live anywhere, as long as good using the language. Slang is not a problem but please no typo.
– Each participant is free to write in any form you like ; poetry, short stories, articles, ff, esaay , etc. during the month of October.
– Later at the end of each post wrote : this paper in order to event #30DaysSaveEarth which was held by @jungjawa and @unidzalika , Give backlink to this blog to make it easier if there someone who wanted to come along.
– Post your writing, give the title, and mention twitter to @jungjawa & @unidzalika and using hastag # m30DaysSaveEarth . ( Later each day link that goes to our RT . will be retweet hours since 09:00 – 22:00 ) .
– To avoid a civil war in the prohibited write sara cypress pollen etc. πŸ™‚

We ‘ll choose the most inspirational posts on every weekend and there is a special prize for the winner .

The prizes include:

– The winners are entitled to a free doodle art, can be ordered design itself , ( examples can see the cover twitter on @unidzalika )
– The winners are entitled to a free avatar design vector art ( Examples could see ava twitter on @jungjawa )
– The winners are entitled to one of the book collection Words titled “Kata Berdansa”
– One winner entitled shirts pictorial special event banner .
– Any participant who managed to post more than eight times will get a special certificate ( Signature still in confirmation ) .

– Why only a month ?
+ Why just a month, this does not rule out going in each month but, for the first month is only the beginning . Later on from here we
will monitor the development of the extent to which we can protect the environment and to what extent can invite people to protect the earth, and this not for show off .

– What should be written ?
+ To give some inspiration to all people who read in order to imitate what we d , and for the reminder of the old town in the future :’)

Well, obviously right? Another question you could mention on @jungjawa and @unidzalika . And we are very opened as wide as perhaps no interested parties become a sponsor.

Come help and join this event . We awaited your participation. And hey, it’s free ! πŸ˜‰

Regards October ! Greetings concern ! Regards 30DaysSaveEarth !

Best regards ,
@Jungjawa and @Unidzalika

thanks for visit my site πŸ™‚


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