As Long As You Can

Assalamualaikum! How are ya? 🙂

Tonight I bought two ice cream in mini market. One for me and the other one for my mom. When I told her that I bought ice cream, she had denied and asked me to put that ice cream into the refrigerator, but I tell her that tonight I really, so badly, wants to eat ice cream together with her. Either forced or not, my mother took the chocolate ice cream flavors and I took jelly orange flavors ice cream.
I was annoyed cause I wanna chocolate ice cream but I remember, momy will eat that ice cream and that makes me happy. So we ate together whike watched some movie at television.

After a few minutes the ice cream runs out and my mom told me that she was thrilled. Momy said that she has been nearly a dozen years do not take light snacks like this, because, usually when she looking an ice cream or cake, mom would buy for grandchildren or her children. I was surprised when mom said so. Also, she said that :

“Because every parents used to pamper their children, and forget to pamper their selves . And when a children getin older, sometimes they are forget to pamper their parents. Dear Uni, thank you for this ice cream. I feel so happy when i got something from my child.”

I just speechless when she said that. Absolutely thats true, we forget to pamper our parents. since a child, almost every second our parents hug and treated us, but now when we getting older? What are we doing to them?

Well, love your mom, your dad, your family, and one thing for sure, treat them as long as you can.

“Karena hal kecil bagi kita, bisa dianggap sangat istimewa di mata orang lain,” -Uni

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