Today, I realized

Today I was busy to hanging out with several friends from Kasahf Bogor communities. Actually at the first we just went to our friend’s graduated in Botani Square. Her name is Puspita and she already graduated from Akademi Kebidanan. Meanwhile, because we still have a time, we decided to visit our junior when we were in senior high school. Her name is Sarah and she still lying down at ICU at R.S Mitra Keluarga in Bekasi. She was coma since last Saturday and we just met her mom and her brothers. For a couple hours we made a lil chat and her mom shared everything that has happened to Sarah. Her mom told us that suddenly a blood vessel in the brain ruptures and at the same time she was vomit then slept until now. We just only silent when her mom told us, totally speechless.
After that we praying and amiin altogether then permit for evening prayers (shalat Isya) and goin to go home.

Well, before we go home, I went into the ICU and a little shiver even saw her from a distance. There were a lot of wires attached to her body, there were small tubes wrapped around the hand and also a large tube in the area of ​​the face. Sad conditions, because coma is very excruciating. Yes, coma is condition when the body cannot do anything. I was so sad. Sick in hospital with considerable cost must be very heavy for her family. Her mom also briefly recount the details and cost of inpatient care that makes us shocked.

Today, I realized how health care is actually very expensive. I’m thankful God gave me a health for 21th years. Sometimes, we are as human being like a waste of health, but we always looking for that when we need it. I wish, may we all be more stringent to maintain the health of our bodies and the environment .

And, please we pray altogether for Sarah. Allhauma Amiin. :’)


Ps : the pictures taken after we went to the hospital. Supper in some restaurant and today so much knowledge that we got. Love you guys :’)


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