Too Fanatics

Several days ago I cleaned up my cupboard and I just realized that all the stuffs that i had had a purple colours. My clothes, scarfs, sweater, cardigans, long dress, skirts, syal, any accessorie, bag, shoe’s, shocks, etc. Even though my blanket, gorden, rubbish, speaker, table, radio, they are purple! Thats so amazing and amusing for me. Lol. I never felt that i choose those things when i bought them. But now I saw all the stuff and the colours was purple. Then i looked up my walls on my room and hey, it’s purple also! So weird I am. Should I says that i too fanatics with purple colours? Lol.

Based on that stories, I know, sometimes we have a comfort zone in something or someone until we forget about anything outside the zone. However, being love in something or someone are good but to be fanatics i think isn’t good for ourselves. Because fanatics makes us forget to another, indeed.

Morning, happy monday! 🙂

thanks for visit my site 🙂


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